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The Path of the Master

by Monowolf

I stand before you Your guru and your friend I'll show you the path forward To liberation's final end Souls divine objective The goals glorious and grand The secrets of the kingdom God's eternal lights at hand The enemy within Spiritual abdication Burn away the lies and folly I am truths reincarnation Holy prophets of eras past Empty teachings - Hollow dogmas Ascended masters twisted truths Living master - Living stigmata The sound and the light Vehicles of the soul Give up resistance Let the master take control Your vices and your fear Keep your spirit on lower planes Total dissolution Break the unholy chains You arrived frail and weak Your soul in total doubt Surrender to the master Become absolutely devout Through me obtain freedom Follow my teachings pure of mind Ascend to the upper worlds Leave behind human kind
Ascend! Ascend! Beyond this worldly plane Beyond this sick existence The holy kingdom awaits The light of God The sound of God Beyond the third eye Beyond the Tunnels of Set Higher! Higher! Higher! Break into the realm of light Conquer your demons Invigorate your soul with divinity Vibrate on the plane of Sat-Lok Toward eternal nothingness Where only the masters light Can seep into your soul And pacify the karmic chains Only the master can save you Only the master can guide you Feel the glow as you breathe And bathe in the masters image And accept his truths as your own This is the path to freedom This the way to awaken soul This is the way to Shut down the lies of the gods of old The lies of the Brahma All reality except the masters Is an illusion set on control With these true teachings And the love of the masters You can break the bonds of slavery And shit on the lies Of the dogmatic controllers And accept the indisputable truth Of the glorious light and majestic Master into your consciousness
I am the master I walk this path Chela with me I will teach you the way To walk with soul On it's Divine Journey To the Kingdom of Sat-Lok As the true ascended Master Only I can show you the way With my touch - All secrets described All riddles removed - All scripture deciphered I bear the gift of Bliss I bear the gift of Love I beat the gift of Mercy I shall open wide and flood the senses With my incomparable divine elixer As the true living master I shall manifest twice in form Once as the outer master To guide you through the storm Again as the inner master To guide your every thought Within the teachings Of light and sound A guru is needed to guide Along the path that is found As the true living master I offer my help and my love I am Sri Gary Olson MASTER OF THE PATH
You seek out God Our goals are higher Good karma is a golden chain Incarnates soul on the physical plane Lord Brahma's deceit The illusion of God Great divine Anami Guide man away from folly Holy sound current The masters teachings Transport soul to the kingdom of heaven Power of light Universal mind Evolve soul to the sound current of light Lord Brahma - Deity of mind Good - Evil - Dualism of life No God above - King of all lies Karmic jailer - Forced reincarnation Controller of soul - from man to flies The Master shows truth Destroys the cycle of false life Devotion and Death Banish Brahma with spiritual knife Render the veil Over the third eye Untie your knotted condition Enter the temple within And behold the master With the purpose of true mission
You alone are the object Of your search In your mind True power potential Awaken god's word Feel gods light You alone are the object Of your search Abandon the external world Awaken in paradise Sound and Light You Alone are the object Of your search Cosmic rhythm Karmic vibration The gurus glow The holy light You alone are the object Of your search


released March 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Black Ring Rituals Records Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Black Ring Rituals Records is a Pittsburgh, PA based record label specializing in Power Electronics, Death Industrial, Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient, & HNW.

Invocation Films is the video subdivision that focuses on esoteric video art and music videos published on VHS

Ouroboros Ltd publishes HNW on 8 Track Cartridge
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