1. Princess Disease / Straight Panic Split
    Princess Disease & Straight Panic

  2. Civilize

  3. Blood On Levantine Soil
    Made Flesh

  4. Ontological Terrorism
    Brandon Wald + Viator

  5. The Natural World
    Black Lodge

  6. The One That Got Away
    Janna Lee

  7. Sweat Off Our Brows, Flesh Off Our Bones

  8. Janice Fears Dogsand

  9. Orchestrations To Paradise
    Recovery Center / Yantra / Astro

  10. Men Of Nylon Sex
    Penis Worship

  11. Broken Hull
    Echo Lightwave Unspeakable

  12. Edwin Perry Manchester / Brandon Wald split
    Edwin Manchester & Brandon Wald

  13. Élisée Reclus: Géographe Libertaire
    Support Unit

  14. Whore
    Femboy Without Organs

  15. Crushed Dreams
    Schizophrenic Genius

  16. Fargo Noise 2022
    Various Artists

  17. Wisdom Beyond Mortal Comprehension
    Ghoul's Teeth

  18. Infected Detective

  19. Power Electronics For Anarchism
    Various Artists

  20. The Unceasing Scars
    Dosis Letalis / The Ide Of Earth

  21. Andromedan Transmission
    Brandon Wald

  22. Torto

  23. Poverty Line & Francesco Terrini Split
    Poverty Line & Francesco Terrini

  24. Earthrise Symphony

  25. Gender Euphoria Is Real, I Only Feel It in the Comfort of My Own Home
    Artemis Dean

  26. Dysfunctional Voiding
    Piss Enema

  27. Always Rebuilding
    Peasant Farm

  28. L'Anarchia di Malatesta
    Support Unit

  29. May The Red, White And Blue Burn Forever

  30. Empty Sabbath
    Fierce Deity

  31. Red Death
    Ordeal By Roses

  32. Time War Time

  33. Ghosts Of Decay
    Tissa Mawartyassari

  34. Une Saison En Enfer

  35. Inherited

  36. Entomophagy
    Nursing Death

  37. Despair In The Gutter II
    Death Glaze

  38. The Plague Brought More Than Death
    Werewolf Jerusalem

  39. Stages Of Passivity
    Media Bias

  40. Prime Initiate EP
    Bitter Inc.

  41. Watermelon Snow
    Ski Crime

  42. KEYS

  43. Fargo Noise 2021
    Various Artists

  44. The Courtship Of Nations
    Nixons Pyramid

  45. 肉体に, 激しき雪や, 蕁麻疹

  46. Pulverized Shot

  47. Obedience To The Law Is Freedom
    Support Unit & Whitephosphorus

  48. Madman In The Moonlight Pt. 2
    Death Glaze

  49. Obsolete Tactics IV
    Support Unit

  50. This Is Our Home

  51. Holographic Genocide
    Sete Star Sept & White Widow

  52. Organic Mind Machinery
    Brandon Wald

  53. Memory Dregs & Reid Karris
    Memory Dregs & Reid Karris

    Incendiary Cult

  55. Crushing Waves Of Static Lasagna
    Pile Of Dead Mondays

  56. I Don't Want To Be Heard And Yet I'm Desperate To Be Understood

  57. Monolith
    Haunted Panels

  58. Awaiting You At The Morgue
    Kadaver / Smother

  59. Twin Ghosts: The Three Moons
    She Walks Crooked

  60. PTSD
    Monolithic Torment

  61. It Must Have Been Love
    Scarlet Diva

  62. Second Degree Burns
    Extreme Chafing

  63. The Brain May Be Hiding In The Landscape
    Willowbrook & SBTDOH

  64. Madman In The Moonlight
    Death Glaze

  65. Power Acoustics

  66. Mind Games

  67. Empty Lot
    Fire Island, AK

  68. Last Acts Of Defiance (Strike At The Flames That Consume You)

  69. Land Of The Free
    Many Blessings / Whitephosphorous

  70. They Wear The Mask And Their Face Grows To Fit It

  71. Silent Hunter

  72. Onion Smell

  73. I Long to Be Among Them
    Pain Chain

  74. Noise Corner Vol. 1
    Noise Corner

  75. Fargo Noise 2020

  76. Life
    Covered /// Winter

  77. Scarlet Diva VI
    Scarlet Diva

  78. Marital / Vows
    Niku Daruma

  79. Ice Cold Heart
    Nico Tracy

  80. Dummy Cage

  81. Collected Bullshit Vol. 2 - 9
    Bullshit Market

  82. M16A2
    Systematic Elimination

  83. To Sterilize Music
    E.M. Digital Spazz Unit

  84. Brandon Wald / Teuthis Galore
    Brandon Wald / Teuthis Galore

  85. Flecktarnmuster

  86. Sound Experiments For Reel To Reel Tape
    Kil Gore Trout

  87. Anesthetic

  88. Shedding The Light
    Dosis Letalis

  89. No One Ever Missed Him

  90. Even Dying Is an Act of Eroticism
    Unusual Affairs

  91. First Fantasy

  92. Obsolete Tactics II

  93. Sonic Warfare II: 100th Dispatch Compilation
    Various Artists

  94. Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement
    Support Unit

  95. Collected Works Vol. 1
    Man's Best Friend | DFFDL | Caleb Joyce

  96. Favela
    Support Unit

  97. Digital Forensics

  98. Aids Victim / Straight Panic Split
    Aids Victim & Straight Panic

  99. lowest common dominator

  100. Hold Me Till Ashes
    Death Circuit

  101. Deprecating Technology

  102. SPF

  103. Armed Conflict
    Support Unit

  104. Exile Tropic (Night)
    Straight Panic

  105. A Hidden Doorway To The Past
    Edwin Perry Manchester

  106. Biji Rojava
    Support Unit

  107. "It's Fine"

  108. Bat'leth Blade
    Sword Of Kahless

  109. cat ears LP
    turned into a girl

  110. A.C.U. Volume 14

  111. Meet Me In Noisearitaville: Jimmy Buffett Power Electronics Tribute Comp
    Various Artists

  112. The Celestial Room
    Carrion Eater

  113. She Gets What She Wants
    Niku Daruma

  114. Reactive Attachment Shared Delusion

  115. The Destroying Angel
    Closer Bones

  116. Fargo Noise 2019
    Various Artists

  117. h u m a n n a t u r e

  118. Suture e Macronympha
    Suture & Macronympha

  119. Wet,Vulgar,Imprint

  120. Tactician
    Magical Mind

  121. Accountability
    Black Rabbit Taxi

  122. Whalefall

  123. Peacekeeper
    Support Unit

  124. Wheelocks Latin
    Wheelocks Latin

  125. Someone Needs To Take My Knives Away From Me

  126. Too Much of a Good Thing

  127. maybe in heaven we wont be sick

  128. absolutist.
    Obsessive Discipline

  129. With Your Feet Dragging Behind Through The Corridors
    Two Coin

  130. :cold zero:

  131. 75000 Calories

  132. Fargo Noise Fest II Compilation

  133. Living Is The Best Vengeance
    Machine Moon

  134. Unsustainable Systems / Generation Feelings
    Citizen 2-13

  135. You Owe Us Another Full Length

  136. Nostalgia / Anti-Sociale
    Suweln /// Santaka

  137. Target

  138. Pure

  139. Tour Split 2018
    Support Unit & Ambigere

  140. #FREERAGK

  141. Co-Ed
    Ritual Chair / Bonemagic

  142. Dokumente Von Unprovozierten Angriffen

  143. Deconstruction

  144. Sonic Warfare: 50th Dispatch Compilation

  145. Split
    Ragk ||| We Also Let Blood

  146. Support Unit & Nursing Death
    Support Unit & Nursing Death

  147. Agnosia

  148. We Owe You Nothing
    Ragk & Support Unit

  149. Marbled.Chained.Unfortunate
    Pro Lapi Pene Broth Pivol Wart & Metek

  150. Turning
    Suspicion 疑惑

  151. The Grey Area
    Contact Low

  152. Deconstruct/Reconstruct
    Empire X Infected Fetus

  153. Fargo Noise 2017

  154. Vol. 1
    Violent; No Regard

  155. Consecration
    Obsessive Discipline

  156. Manchester Bulge///Piss Enema Split
    Manchester Bulge & Piss Enema

  157. Support Unit///Nothingness Awaits
    Support Unit & Nothingness Awaits

  158. Contact Low///Straight Panic
    Contact Low & Straight Panic

  159. Part II: Just Please Die
    Pretty Girl Problems

  160. Yume Nikki: Will Things Be OK?

  161. Howling Silos
    Vitriol Gauge

  162. We Are Sleeping

  163. Suspicion 疑惑 / Ragk Split
    Suspicion 疑惑 & Ragk

  164. Bullshit Market /// Monowolf
    Bullshit Market & Monowolf

  165. Monowolf///Contraktor
    Monowolf & Contraktor

  166. Edwin Perry Manchester / Suspicion 疑惑
    Edwin Perry Manchester & Suspicion 疑惑

  167. Vitriol Gauge / Support Unit Split
    Vitriol Gauge & Support Unit

  168. Contact Low//Support Unit Split
    Contact Low & Support Unit

  169. Revolution//Counter Revolution
    Support Unit

  170. 2001 - 2012 Retrospective
    Manchester Bulge

  171. Volta

  172. Fargo Noise 2016

  173. The Path of the Master

  174. Brigate Rosse
    Support Unit

  175. Ataraxia
    Suspicion 疑惑

  176. Transanal Irrigation
    Piss Enema

  177. Secret Passageway
    Edwin Perry Manchester

  178. Speck of Life; Deathly Mass
    Professor Whiskers

  179. Strategy Of Tension
    Support Unit

  180. HopeChest

  181. Your Worst Fears Can Come True At Any Moment
    Pretty Girl Problems

  182. Straight Panic / Monowolf - Liberation Not Assimilation
    Straight Panic & Monowolf

  183. Silence is Strength
    Support Unit

  184. Total Information Awareness

  185. Monowolf / Vitriol Gauge Split
    Monowolf & Vitriol Gauge

  186. Monowolf / Topon Das Split
    Monowolf & Topon Das

  187. Pareidolia

  188. Authority


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Black Ring Rituals Records is a Pittsburgh, PA based record label specializing in Power Electronics, Death Industrial, Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient, & HNW.

Invocation Films is the video subdivision that focuses on esoteric video art and music videos published on VHS

Ouroboros Ltd publishes HNW on 8 Track Cartridge
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